Saturday, 15 January 2011

OpenCog - The Open Cognition Project

OpenCog - an open source Artificial General Intelligence framework, intended to one day express general intelligence at the human level and beyond.

A little bit ambitious?

RelEx Dependency Relationship Extractor


RelEx is an English-language dependency relationship extractor, built on the Carnegie-Mellon link parser. It can identify subject, object, indirect object and many other dependency relationships between words in a sentence. It also generates some advanced semantic relations, such as normalizing questions for question-answering. It also proposes "frames" or "semantic roles", similar in style to those of FrameNet. RelEx includes a basic implementation of the Hobbs anaphora (pronoun) resolution algorithm. As a "by-product", it also provides more basic functions, including entity detection, part-of-speech tagging, noun-number tagging, verb tense tagging, gender tagging, and so on. Relex now includes a Stanford parser compatibility mode, generating identical output, but more accurately and more quickly.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011