Thursday, 12 July 2012

C&C semantic tools

CCG (Combinatory Categorial Grammar) Parser:

Intro: Boxer is developed by Johan Bos and generates semantic representations. It takes as input CCG (Combinatory Categorial Grammar) derivations and produces DRSs (Discourse Representation Structures, from Hans Kamp's Discourse Representation Theory) as output. It is distributed with the C&C tools.


Intro: A tool for automatically producing RDF/OWL ontologies and linked data from natural language sentences, currently limited to English.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Interested Papers at EMNLP 2012

1) Tenses in SMT

D12-1026: Zhengxian Gong; Min Zhang; Chew Lim Tan; Guodong Zhou
N-gram-based Tense Models for Statistical Machine Translation


D12-1041: Nan Duan; Mu Li; Ming Zhou
Forced Derivation Tree based Model Training to Statistical Machine Translation

3) ...

ESAXX - suffix array tool

Introesaxx is a C++ template library supporting to build an enhanced suffix array which is useful for various string algorithms. For an input text of length N, esaxx builds a suffix tree in linear time using almost 20N bytes working space (alphabet size independent).

Interested Papers at ACL 2012

1) New NLP topic: automatic document dating
P12-1011: Nathanael Chambers
Labeling Documents with Timestamps: Learning from their Time Expressions

P12-1050: Arianna Bisazza; Marcello Federico
Modified Distortion Matrices for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation

3) ...

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Saffron - Extracting the Valuable Threads of Expertise


Intro: Saffron provides insights in a research community or organization by analysing its main topics of investigation and the experts associated with these topics.
Saffron analysis is fully automatic and is based on text mining and linked data principles.
This instance of Saffron analyzes the research community in Natural Language Processing based on the proceedings of the conferences organized by the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL).