Monday, 20 February 2012

Topic Hierarchy Generation

This post continues the problem of topic summarization posted earlier. Here I try to collect research articles related to the problem of topic hierarchy generation which is an important step for topic summarization.

1) Non-Parametric Estimation of Topic Hierarchies from Texts with Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes (link). Journal of Machine Learning Research 2011.

2) A Practical Web-based Approach to Generating Topic Hierarchy for Text Segments (link). CIKM 2004.

3) Finding Topic Words for Hierarchical Summarization (link). SIGIR 2001.

4) The Nested Chinese Restaurant Process and Bayesian Non-parametric Inference of Topic Hierarchies (link). Journal of the ACM 2010.

5) Mining bilingual topic hierarchies from unaligned text (link). IJCNLP 2011.

6) Domain-Assisted Product Aspect Hierarchy Generation: Towards Hierarchical Organization of Unstructured Consumer Reviews (link). ACL 2011.

7) (TBA)

(to be updated).

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Albatross Toolkit

Albatross is a small and flexible Python toolkit for developing highly stateful web applications. The toolkit has been designed to take a lot of the pain out of constructing intranet applications although you can also use Albatross for deploying publicly accessed web applications.

Brat Rapid Annotation Tool

Looks great!