Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tree visualization with Treebolic

Intro: Treebolic is a Java component (widget) whose purpose is to provide a hyperbolic rendering of hierarchical data.
A tree is rendered with nodes and edges but display space is subject to a particular curvature (hence the name) : more space is allocated to the focus node while the parent and children, still in the immediate visual context, appear slightly smaller. The grandparents and grandchildren are still visible but come out even smaller. As we move away from the focus node, less display space is allotted to the nodes, which gradually disappear towards the disk's border, as though the whole hierarchy were seen through a fisheye lens.
Wrapped as a Java applet, the Treebolic widget can be embedded in a web page. Nodes may then contain hypertext links and the browser to other web pages.
The tree is dynamic (animation brings the focus node to the center) and responds to user interaction.

It looks good. See an illustrating example in Vietnamese Wordnet at here.

Vietnamese Wordnet

Intro: Vietnamese WordNet is used WNMS tools developed by AsianWordNet to create and share WordNet among Asia languages based on WordNet® version3.0, Co-operation by TCL and -- Vietnam -- establish on October 2007.

It's sad that it has not been developed by Vietnamese people :(.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Intro: Statistical Machine Translation relies on parallel corpora for training translation models. However these corpora are limited and take time to create. Yalign is designed to automate this process by finding sentences that are close translation matches from comparable corpora. This opens up avenues for harvesting parallel corpora from sources like translated documents and the web.