Monday, 18 April 2011

Tools for Vietnamese Spell Checking

1) Hunspell (Vietnamese version):

Original version:

Source Code with Java for Hunspell:

2) Aspell:

Available dictionaries:

3) IBM csSpell (Context-sensitive Spelling Checker):

4) TBA


N-gram tools


2) Google Web N-gram
2a) Google Web N-gram Viewer:
2b) Google Web N-gram Patterns:

3) Microsoft Web N-gram:

4) N-gram Statistics Package:

5) CMU Language Modeling Toolkit (version 2):

Tools for corpus statistics

Thanks to Corpora-List member, I compiled the following list of tools for corpus statistics:

1) TMX software:

2) R:

With books accompanied:

3) Lexico3: (seemingly a commercial tool)

4) TBA

If you know others, please let me know!


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